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God's people.
God's people.
Earth salt. Chosen people
of kings and priests. Evidence
of fire you will have to pass, before
to enter the kingdom of God.
God's people.
God's people.
Permanent effort you will have to
perform, breaking ties of the
real world. And you will win. And you will win
llevando corona en el
reino de Dios.
God's people.
God's people.

People chosen and called by God. 
Hoy y por la eternidad 
tu justicia tenemos 
que hacer. Y mucha fe
y mucha fe junto con
works we have to do.

God's people
God's people
He does not want lukewarm people with little faith.
He wants strong children of great decision
And they will be, and they will be strong.
pillars together with God.
God's people
God's people
Peoples and nations will be at your feet.
You shall rule these with a rod of iron and
great power everyone will have praising
always to the eternal, the great Lord.
God's people
God's people
The entire creation will be joyful.
Everything, everything, everything will be restored and
there will be, there will be warmth, joy and lots of
happiness. Nothing will be missing, nothing will be missing.
God's people
God's people
So choose eternal life and live your
law. Remember that we chose a
better homeland and you will live and live for
always and for eternity.
God's people
God's people.

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